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The Internet Opportunity

The Internet is the most exciting, dynamic revolution of our time. In the past 50 years, only the computer and the silicon chip rival its importance. In the past 100 years of communication, only the telephone and aviation equal its development. The Internet is becoming more important to small business than television and radio. President, Bill Gates had this to say about the Internet: “It is a creative, living medium. No one yet fully comprehends its opportunities.” That was in early 1998. The same is true today. Every business is discovering the power of the Internet.

The Internet will totally impact your business. The only question is, will you cause the impact -- or will your competitors. The Internet has potential to improve the quality of customers you sell, and the quantity of profits you earn. The Internet can help you find new customers, help you update them during a project, help you to thank them, to follow up with them, and, to keep them coming back over and over again. The Internet can encourage customers and friends to refer new customers to you. The Internet empowers you to tell customers immediately, and at low cost, about special sale promotions, trends, news, updates, new product introductions, and other information you want them to hear. It allows you to share information and ideas to set you apart from competition.

The Internet can give you a professional edge over the largest and most powerful competitors in your field. It is here today. It will be bigger tomorrow. This book will take you on a trip of discovery to learn, in simple, non-technical language, the power of the Internet, the most exciting new medium for business in this century.

Your Customers Are Surfin'.
Why Aren't You?

Customers are far ahead of small business owners. Upwards of 40% of U.S. households are connected to the Internet. Most are upper income homeowners. These are customers who spend big money on new homes, luxury autos, clothing, home furnishings, personal care, home services, vacations, and anything else you want to sell to upscale customers.

These savvy customers are discriminating and demanding. They want the best in quality and service -- yet they want value. They will research and surf the Net to find the values they want. These customers buy more products, and buy them more often. They come back again and again, and they are opinion leaders their friends listen to. Already, these homeowners surf the Net to buy cars, books, music CDs, and billions of dollars in other products. Just two years ago, the amount these savvy customers bought was only about $500 million, according to Forrester Research, Inc. Yet, the explosive news, by 2000, over 100 million customers are expected to spend 10 times that amount online! That does not count the billions of dollars customers will spend with leading local retailers who use the Internet as a potent marketing tool.

Independent Business Underestimate the Power of the Internet

That's where you come in, and that is the reason for this book. Small business owners underestimate the Internet market and its potential. Why? Two reasons: First, each of you work long, hard hours to provide for family, and to build a good business. You have little time to experiment with computers and surf the Internet. Many independent business owners earn less income than the customers they serve. With less time and less money, how can any small business owner grasp the power of this new medium?

It's Time To Catch Up To Your Customer,
And Stay Ahead Of Your Competitor!

Now is the time for every forward thinking business professional to recognize the Internet revolution, and to begin harnessing its power. The window is still open. It is not too late, but time is running out. It takes vision, planning, and action. The good news: you can do It!